Thursday, February 18, 2021

Main Stage Sessions

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Welcome Remarks and Opening Keynote

Sean Brophy, Vice President for Public Sector, Alteryx


Welcome to the event!


Transform your career and your organization with Analytic Process Automation

Alan Jacobson, Chief Data Officer, Alteryx


Analytics are so much more than finding out what happened. Real transformation is at your fingertips with Analytic Process Automation.


Analytics to Empower Response and Recovery in SLG Panel Discussion

Martha Norrick, Acting Chief Analytics Officer and Director, Mayor's Office of Data Analytics at City of New York


State and Local governments have always been on the front line when responding to crisis. The emergence of the pandemic has brought the ability of State and Local Governments to continue operations, respond to elevated levels of service while simultaneously prepare for and implement recovery actions into critical focus. Hear from a group of State and Local Leaders on how their organizations leveraged data and analytics to continue to serve people, communities and build for the future.


Don’t Stop Exploring Along Your Analytic Journey

Russell Christopher, Senior Director, Product Management, Alteryx


There is a lot more to Alteryx than prep and blend. Don’t stop exploring.


Chief Data Officer Spotlight

Ted Kaouk, Chief Data Officer, Department of Agriculture

Nick Sinai, Senior Advisor at Insight Partners, Adjunct Faculty at Harvard Kennedy School, Former Deputy CTO, Executive Office of the President , Insight Partners


In 2020 Federal Government Agencies had to work around some significant challenges ranging from a disrupted workforce, mobile work environments and accelerated demands for service delivery. In this session hear from key data and analytics leaders who helped their agencies navigate the challenges around Covid and plot a course towards greater innovation and digital transformation.


Public Health Spotlight

Dr. Susan Gregurick, Ph.D., Associate Director for Data Science, National Institutes of Health


As much as Covid-19 has been a Public Health Challenge it has really turned out to be a significant data challenge. In this session hear from US Public Health Leaders working to address critical issues related to public health by building a significant data and analytics capability.


Evolve Your Solving with Intelligence Suite

Melissa Burroughs, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Alteryx


Unlocking insights contained within data has always been the goal of analytics. But what about when the data you are dealing with is unstructured text? Or what if you need to create some predictive insights, but lack the ability to code? With the Alteryx Intelligence Suite organizations of any size can elevate their analytic capabilities and upskill their existing resources to unlock previously hidden insights.


Upskilling Empowers People, Leaders, and Organizations to Solve

Olivia Duane Adams, Chief Advocacy Officer and Founder, Alteryx


Learn about how Alteryx helps people, leaders and organizations transform through continual upskilling and learning along their analytic journey.


Innovation Agenda – Partner Perspective Leveraging Unstructured Data

Michael DePue, Executive Vice President, Atkins

Avinash Varma, Executive Vice President, Reveal Global Consulting

Andy MacIsaac, Director, Solutions Marketing, Public Sector, Alteryx


The future of data and analytics within the public sector holds tremendous promise in the areas of automating processes, augmenting human capabilities, and uncovering deeper levels of insights to better achieve mission outcomes. These Alteryx partners are working directly with government clients and are implementing some cutting-edge analytics that are making the future come alive today.


Closing Remarks

Sean Brophy, Vice President for Public Sector, Alteryx


Tune in for the closing remarks and event takeaways.